Guaranteed pass


Over our many years in the driver training industry we have taught thousands of learner drivers to a very high standard and our success rate is very high. We pride ourselves in giving value for money and excellent tuition.

Our courses are tailored to enable our students to condense the learning period into days and not months. If you've been driving illegally and you don't want to have the constant risk of being stopped by the police then call us, we can help. Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked.

Is it a guaranteed pass ?.....No there is no such thing as a guaranteed pass,don't be fooled into thinking there is.

What theory help will i get ?......Before a student arrives we will send them a link to Theory Test Pro which is something we subscribe to but offer students free of charge. If when they arrive more theory help is needed we use the latest Ipad apps and programs to help students. This can either be done in the car or elsewhere.

Where will my driving test be ?....We use various test centres around the Northwest.

Will i know the test routes ?......We don't teach drivers to memorise test routes, we teach them to drive and understand all road and traffic procedures giving them confidence wherever they drive.

Will i be on my own in the car ?.......Yes you will be, we only offer 1-2-1 tuition, we do NOT car share. Be careful of phrases such as " interactive training " or " in car tuition ", this will mean you are sharing your driving hours with someone else.

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